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It Only Takes One is a game about how everyone feels alone sometimes, and how we can draw comfort in the presence of others. To run the game, just download the files and fire up the executable!

This is a submission for the GMTK Game Jam.

Art resources used:

Character meshes and animations from Mixamo

Modular Building Set by PurePolygons (available on the Epic Store)

The objective is to walk straight down the road back home and towards the sunrise. While on the way, you spiral and feel like you're the only one. But at this time, you're reminded that everyone else feels the same as well, and just talking to a random stranger can help reduce that feeling of loneliness just a little bit.

Your health decreases when you're spiralling. All you have to do is talk to someone else and your health comes back up! If you can reach the end of the road without succumbing to the spiral, you've made it!

Install instructions

Just download the game, extract the files and run GTMKJam_DQ.exe!


GMTK_Submission.zip 313 MB

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