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FEAR STRIKER is a game in which a soul is sent back from the heavens because they have unfinished business. The new occupants of their old house are making a mess of it. It's time to scare some humility into them. It's almost as if they came down to earth... to bring these people down to earth.

Genre: First-person exploration/horror

Team: Mutt Bunch

Members (by surname):

  • Peter Armstrong
  • Florian Kern
  • Ananthakrishnan Narasimhan
  • Andrew Daichi Ringer
  • Ross Whyman

Game Name: Fear Striker

Name of submission: MuttBunch_FearStriker.zip

Premade content:

  • JumpDive_Fire and SparkLoop from InfinityBladeEffects pack (UE market)
  • Foley sound effects all from Soundly Pro library
  • GUI icons from FlatIcons.co

Install instructions

Download the files, extract and run UE4MegaJamAI.exe!


MuttBunch_FearStriker.zip 125 MB

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