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This was our submission for the Unreal Engine 4 Spring Game Jam. The two players take turns to make Reversi moves. If the player making the move wins the combat, then the move happens; otherwise, it is the other player's turn. Refer below for how to install and how to play!

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Note: Needs XBox Controller for Player 2!

Content created before jam: 

Mixamo pre-made characters

Content used from Marketplace:

Dynamic Combat System

Retro 8-bit Sounds

Multistory Dungeons

Medieval Dungeon

Content used from UE Templates:

Unreal Engine Puzzle Template

Unreal Engine Side-Scroller Template

Unreal Engine Starter Content

Link to highlight reel:

Install instructions

Download the archive, extract and run DynamicCombatSystem.exe. This should start up the game! 

The game is essentially Reversi but with an arcade fighting twist: to confirm each move you make, you have to indulge in an arcade fight and win! Fights add towards your overall score too. This is a board-game-cum-fighting-game.

The game starts with Black taking the first turn. The game ends in ten turns or if any player occupies the entire board.

Let us know how you like it!


TeesBoys_CombatReversi.zip 284 MB


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Looks very nice!

Thanks so much!